TFBW is The Famous Brett Watson. That would be me — the person writing this page. If this leaves you none the wiser as to who I am, then a quick visit to my home page might enlighten at least a little. Beyond that, it helps to know that I like to write, and that’s why I have websites like this and

This blog (and the domain in general) is primarily intended for the dissemination of technical information I have acquired and wish to share. I’ve decided to operate this somewhat independently of, which has majored on philosophy and the speculative exploration of alternative concepts in various fields. In contrast, this site will major on experiments and projects: specific undertakings with documentable outcomes. Most of it will be related to computers, since that is my major field of technical expertise, but I’ll share recipes if I feel so inclined.

I intend to leave comments and “pings” off by default in this blog. I don’t want to deal with the associated abuse for one thing, and for another I’d rather hold discussions in a slightly more sophisticated environment. To that end, comments and discussion of matters on this site are welcome, but such discussion will normally take place at TFBW’s forum, not on the site itself.