Ready to Roll

After much hacking around with style sheets and template code, I think the site is now doing more or less what I want in all browsers. I’m particularly impressed with how well this site renders in pure text browsers, and newly unimpressed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and its utterly half-baked CSS support. Oh, how I could rant about that. Don’t get me started. Instead, let me say that I have constructed this website using the most widely-supported current standards, then made minor concessions here and there to reduce the visual damage that IE inflicts on the site.

What a shambles!

I’m presently juggling all the StepMania stuff: trying to document it and get all the files online and test that it works. At the same time, I’m tweaking the site layout. Consequently, the site is in a state of partial disarray. Expect various bits of ugliness and breakage until further notice. Of course, I haven’t really advertised this site anywhere yet, so my warning and apology is addressed to nobody in particular. Hello if you happen to be passing through: please come back later when the paint has had a chance to dry.

Not another blog, for Pete's sake!

Yes, well, the world may not need yet another blog, but I do. There are certain things I want to place on the web that don’t fit in at, my original site. is primarily for conceptual or thought-experiment stuff, and (believe it or not) I do actual practical things from time to time.

It’s currently my intention to use this blog as an index or signboard to other things rather than make it the main source of content. For example, if I document a successful technology experiment, I’ll do a big write-up about it somewhere, then post a summary and a link here in the blog, rather than do the whole write-up as a blog entry. More generally, I’ll post things in the blog that I don’t expect to be of any particular long-term significance, but which are news at the time. Durable information will be posted elsewhere.

Well, that’s more than enough rambling about the blog itself. Let’s see what happens next.