Why am I providing this page? At the time of writing, the Linux version of StepMania 3.9 provided at the official StepMania downloads page crashes when playing back movie files. The resulting “crashinfo.txt” file starts as follows.

StepMania 3.9 crash report
Crash reason: Segmentation fault - address not mapped at 0x000000e4
Crashed thread: Main thread
Thread: Main thread
        ../../src/RageTextureManager.cpp:108 RageTextureManager::LoadTexture(Songs/Path/To/Movie.avi).

This problem didn’t exist in 3.9 release candidate 2a, which is what I downloaded when I first started playing, and it’s a major shame that it mars the full release version. This is probably holding back StepMania popularity under Linux, so I’ve spent the effort necessary to build a version that doesn’t have this problem. Furthermore, I’ve created a bundle containing some songs and extras with the program binaries, so that you can go from zero to StepMania with a minimum of fuss. Cool, huh?

If you don’t have any StepMania files, and want to get a working installation up and running under Linux-i386 quickly, go to the “Linux StepMania Quick Start” page.

If you’re already equipped with appropriate song files and just want my lovingly-built binary files for StepMania, download whichever of the following parts you need. You may also want to consult the “Linux StepMania Installation Hints” page.

If you need song files, see the “Songs for Dance Games” page. There are also additional bits of StepMania chrome (backgrounds, announcers, etc.) available on the main StepMania page.

StepMania is licensed under the GNU GPL, and the “FFmpeg” library which I have also used is licensed under the GNU LGPL, so I am legally required to provide the sources for both if I provide the binaries. Said sources and build notes can be found on the “Building StepMania for Linux” page.