Playing dance games like StepMania has done wonders for my general fitness.

Like most computer-geek types, I don’t get a lot of physical exercise as part of my normal daily routine. In the past I’ve attempted to rectify this with cycling, but I was never able to do it with the regularity necessary to make it effective. Also, the area where I live isn’t especially bicycle-friendly, and there’s not a lot to be said for arriving at your destination perspiring profusely (when you cycle as a mode of transport, rather than just cycling for exercise).

I decided to try out Konami’s “Dance Dance Revolution” circa 2003 just for laughs when I was passing by an arcade with some friends, and found it to be quite an entertaining game. Later, at a youth event, I set up a Sony Playstation2 with “Dancing Stage” and a video projector, and this was a big hit. I then went hunting for PC-based versions of the concept, particularly for Linux, and found PyDance and StepMania.

Since then, I’ve set up such games at New Year’s Eve parties and other parties, and played it at home with varying degrees of dedication. I’ve built a dedicated StepMania computer for communal use (set up in a small garage), and built dance platforms with varying degrees of success. Consequently, I have a pretty decent stock of StepMania resources, knowledge, skills and experience. Here I plan to share the information I’ve gained.

Get fit and have fun: join me in the wonderful world of StepMania and other dance games.