StepMania is a rather cool dance game for Windows, MacOSX and Linux, licensed under the GNU GPL. It has a very “DDR arcade game” feel to it, uses slick and smooth OpenGL graphics, and incorporates eye-candy that can be adjusted on a scale from “flashy” to “lethal overdose”. The authoritative source for information on the game is the official StepMania website.

My primary interest is in StepMania for Linux, but I also provide a few platform-neutral but StepMania-specific files here as a convenience. These are simply copies of certain useful files available a few links beyond the StepMania downloads page.

If you’re after song files, go to the “Songs for Dance Games” page.

These “.smzip” files are really just zip archives. You can install them in StepMania either by placing them as-is in a directory named “Packages” in the same directory as the “stepmania” executable, or by unzipping them in the same directory as the “stepmania” executable. This latter approach gives you access to the individual component files.